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Winter 2013

SEEDS Foundation - www.seedsfoundation.ca

GREEN Schools™ - www.greenschools.ca


New GREEN Schools™ Website is  launched

Register at www.greenschools.ca before April 5th for a chance to win $100 gift certificate for your school or group.

GREEN Schools™  great new website is designed to be very teacher friendly. By simply registering:

• you can keep track online of your group's progress as you work through the different levels of GREEN Schools™

• you can access  the free Ideas Book and the Resource Manual.

•you can read and share your activities with other registered users and upload pictures to showcase the great work your group is doing.

•you have access to great lesson plans and projects posted by teachers from across Canada.


Debbie Fick of Lanigan Elementary in Lanigan Saskatchewan shared her lesson plan. She wrote:
"We made 'pocket books' about the Environment to highlight ways that we can care for Earth's resources.  We featured air, soil, trees and water.

  This was actually a Social Studies project for the Curriculum Outcome of:  Analyze the influence of the natural environment on the local community and more specifically:  Compile examples of natural resources in the local community and explain the importance of conserving or restoring natural resources."


  Take part in the SEEDS Canadian Bird Challenge


This activity is easy, fun and educational. Started in 1991, the Bird Challenge has been designed to involve teachers, students and parents in an enjoyable springtime event to better their understanding of their area's bird species, habitats, and migration.

In April, May and June, your class, or your entire school can participate in what is truly an exciting event!
This is an opportunity to complement the outgrowth of increasing student interest in bird conservation and protection through a 48-hour bird count.

Count the Bird Challenge as a Project toward your GREEN Schools Status.

It’s easy to get started! The 2013 Bird Challenge is available now
click here

Email us your class results to get your stickers! click here  

Upcoming Events
March 22nd is the Annual World Water Day.

Click here for great activities for school children sponsored by the United Nations.
Earth Hour is on March 23rd between 8:30 and 9:30 P.M.


Don't forget to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd.. Click here for ideas from Eco-Kids.

Staples Canada is sponsoring a computer recycling contest for students. Click here for more information.

It's Write for Communities is happening now!

Win $2013 for your group's Environmental Project

 Participate in
It's   Write F0R Communities, 
a challenge, sponsored by Alliance Pipeline, that encourages writing about rural and community environmental issues. Click here for the 2012 - 2013 brochure.

Much of the writing that your students do regularly in science, language arts, and social studies fits right into the SEEDS It's Write for Communities . To see the tables showing the connections between the program of studies and energy and the environment, click here.

We are extending the challenge to include all forms of representing learning.
click here to take an idea from our list or use one of your own.

To enter your school online click here.  At your request, your classroom will receive a free mood pencil for every student. Your school will also be entered into a draw to receive $2,013 for an environmental literacy project.
Deadline for entering is May 3, 2013.


Would you like to see your school or group's projects and levels achieved in GREEN Schools™ showcased in our newsletter? Do you have some ideas for incorporating GREEN Schools™ activities into your programs of study? Please share with your colleagues through this newsletter by registering online at our new website.

Register at


Thanks to TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for their long-standing support of SEEDS GREEN Schools™.

SEEDS Foundation | 144 - 4th Avenue S.W., Suite 400 | Calgary | AB | T2P 3N4 | CA
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